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  • Prodigious Oil GOLD 50 ml
Prodigious Oil GOLD 50 ml
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Marque: Nuxe

Prodigious Oil GOLD 50 ml

25.90 €



Prodigious Oil GOLD 50 ml

Effective by nature

This sequined dry oil is a unique combination of 30% Precious Plant Oils and Vitamin E to nourish , repair and soften in a single gesture the face, body and hair. 95 % of ingredients are of natural origin.

Precious benefits for my skin

The skin of the face and body is soft and silky . The hair is smooth, soft and shiny. Sensual, its golden pearls are subtle sparkle skin and highlight the slightest movement.
My beauty ritual

Apply this oil dry glitter on face, body , hair, throughout the year, summer and winter. Ideal after sun exposure for a light effect and incomparable enhancer .

My beauty tips

Scrunch hair to get a burning hair . On the legs , massage oil dry glitter in upward strokes for part molding of a " silk stocking " effect. The satin sheen of pearls subtly corrects skin imperfections .


With its unique concentration of 6 Precious Oils ( Borage, St John's Wort , Sweet Almond , Camellia, Hazelnut, Macadamia ) and vitamin E , this comprehensive care quickly absorbed leaving a single gesture the skin soft and silky , soft and shiny hair.
But its Nacres Multi- Reflets illuminate all skin types and all hair subtle golden highlights. Unpreserved .

Réf. : 004757

Prodigious Oil GOLD 50 ml

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Brands Nuxe

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