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  • Fleurs de Bach ASPEN 20 ml
Fleurs de Bach ASPEN 20 ml
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Marque: Fleurs de Bach

Fleurs de Bach ASPEN 20 ml

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Fleurs de Bach ASPEN 20 ml

You feel afraid for no reason and being Tendu ( e) .

Keyword flower : Security

Emotion = a flower

The 38 Bach Flower Remedies ® Original target all regular or transient emotions of the individual, they are involved in emotional harmony in everyday life.

History of Bach Flowers ® Original

Discovered in the 30s by Edward Bach, 38 Authentic Original Bach Flower Remedies ® have always been prepared in England, according to the traditional method of Edward Bach . Hand picked in the garden of Edward Bach, Bach Flower Remedies ® Original are prepared from flowers, flowers trees and flowers of wild plants. Each preparation step is performed with love and respect for flowers.

Each Bach ® Original Flower target a temporary or regular individual emotion and participates in its emotional harmony in everyday life. Gage Quality and Authenticity , Bach Flowers ® Original certified by the Bach Centre and are only allowed to wear the signature of Edward Bach.

Recommendations for use :

Les Fleurs de Bach ® Original is in the form of 20ml dropper bottle and are easy to use . They are taken orally 4 times a day.

For one flower:
Two drops in half a glass of mineral water or two drops directly into the mouth .

Up to 7 flowers :
Mix two drops of each Bach Flower Remedies ® Original in a 30ml bottle with mineral water.
Four drops directly into the mouth .

There is no set time to take Bach Flower Remedies ® Original. For the most persistent emotions, it is advisable to take flowers for 3 weeks.
For specific emotions, it is up to each judge his emotional balance.

Consumer information

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of children . Sure to have a varied, balanced diet and a healthy life style .
Due to the presence of alcohol these dietary supplements are not recommended for people suffering from alcoholism . Pregnant and lactating women refer to the advice of a health professional ( doctor, pharmacist , midwife ) .
Store away from heat and light.
These products are not drugs .

Réf. : 023044

Fleurs de Bach ASPEN 20 ml

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