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  • Monitor and prevent stress-related events and expressed as urine marking, vertical scratch, lack of appetite, prostration, reduced games and contacts
  • Secure the cat in an unknown environment (moving, returning from hospital, adoption, change furniture, holiday home, a newcomer, overpopulation).

This innovative product has some properties of cat facial pheromones (chemicals made by animals to locate and communicate with its peers.) Lay the cat facial pheromones to familiarize themselves with its environment: the surfaces are recognized and marked as places familiar and soothing.


Remove the cap and screw the diffuser on the bottle.

When urinary markings or scratch: Plug in the diffuser on a socket in the room marked by the cat. The surface of action is approximately 50 to 70 m2.

In event of prostration: Plug in the diffuser on a socket in the room mostly frequented by the cat. The duration of action of a vial is about 1 month.

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