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  • DYNAMIC JET Adults et children from 6 years
DYNAMIC JET Adults et children from 6 years
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Marque: Physiomer

DYNAMIC JET Adults et children from 6 years

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DYNAMIC JET Adults et children from 6 years

  • All the natural in trace elements of seawater
  • Jet dynamic lava and relieve the congested nose
  • Seawater natural undiluted. The sea water is treated by Physiomer electrodialysis to preserve all its natural wealth in minerals and trace elements: calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, selenium ... beneficial in cases of infections and help protect the nasal mucosa.
  • Sterile and without preservatives. The sterility of the solution Physiomer is obtained by ultrafiltration. Infertility is preserved after each use with a patented one-way valve.
  • Without propellant. Physiomer can be used safely and in all positions, even by children.
  • Specially adapted nasal tip. The tip Physiomer respects the anatomy of the nasal passages to comfort of use.


Physiomer jet dynamics:

  • Decreases the viscosity of mucus and facilitate its elimination
  • Cleanses the nasal passages and removes infectious agents and allergens
  • Participates in the protection against infection

The jet dynamic is particularly suited to clear congested noses. In case of cold or rhinitis, renew spraying as often as necessary to properly identify the nose and eliminate mucus. Adults and children over 6 years.

On first use, remove the protective cap of the bottle and put the nose piece in place.

  1. Tilt the head to one side and gently introduce the tip into one nostril
  2. Push frank and brief
  3. Leave for a few seconds
  4. Renew the operation in the other nostril
  5. Snuff
  6. Wash the nozzle under warm water after each use


100% natural sea water, and undiluted désodée, isotonic (physiological salt concentration equivalent to that of the body). Sterile and without preservatives. Without propellant.

135 ml

Réf. : 7488051000513

DYNAMIC JET Adults et children from 6 years

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