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  • CREAM Calming protective for breast-feeding 10g
CREAM Calming protective for breast-feeding 10g
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Marque: Lansinoh

CREAM Calming protective for breast-feeding 10g

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CREAM Calming protective for breast-feeding 10g

  • Lansinoh cream is specially designed for breastfeeding mothers
  • It calms and protects your skin dry and cracked by breastfeeding
  • Hyppoallergenic, this cream is made of 100% of lanolin, the purest in the world. It need not be withdrawn before feeding

Cream to Lansinoh lanolin moisturizing barrier provides a semi-occlusive disease that slows the evaporation of internal moisture from the body while allowing oxygenation. When normal hydration is maintained, the skin remains supple and healthy, and so is a guarantee against cracks.
In contrast maceration or drying too important a source of risk of cracking on the skin, or loss of elasticity.

What causes the pain of the breast feeding?

Poor baby's position compared with when breastfeeding and skin dried too quickly or stayed too wet lontemps often cause temporary pain in the head. These inconveniences are solved quickly from the time the position is correct breastfeeding.
In the meantime, this cream reduces the uncomfortable sensations and can continue to breastfeed.


Wash your hands and melt a small amount of Lansinoh between your fingers. Apply it around the nipple after each feeding or as needed.
This cream does not need to be removed before feeding.
Care preparation, use it twice a day before delivery, for a skin healthier, more flexible and better hydrated.
For your comfort and protection of the most sensitive nipples, also apply Lansinoh before taking a shower.


100% Lansinoh Brand Lanolin. The lanolin the purest in the world.

10 g tube

Réf. : 5169985001137

CREAM Calming protective for breast-feeding 10g

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