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  • SILICONE SHEET CLOTH BACK Against scars 4x13cm
SILICONE SHEET CLOTH BACK Against scars 4x13cm
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SILICONE SHEET CLOTH BACK Against scars 4x13cm

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SILICONE SHEET CLOTH BACK Against scars 4x13cm

  • The use of Dermatix is a practical and effective method for the treatment of scars and prevention of abnormal scars.
  • Dermatix is a transparent silicone gel, quick drying, which improves the appearance of hypertrophic scars and keloids (eg resulting from surgery, injury or burn), when the wound is healed and that the surface is intact.
  • Dermatix is also a positive step and discreet to regain confidence in you.

Dermatix mitigates, applanation blurs and color of scars. Dermatix decreases pain and itching that accompany them.

Dermatix products offer options for remodeling of scars that are not only effective in the clinic, but also very convenient for patients.

Dermatix Silicone Sheet Clear (transparent) is composed of silicon and PTFE, and offers a unique combination of transparency, flexibility and adhesion. The gel reduces the hypertrophic scars and keloids and prevent their formation. Plate Dermatix silicone is transparent as discreet as possible, especially as do not need to use plasters or nets to keep. As a result, the plate Dermatix silicone is an ideal product for the face and hands. Plate Dermatix silicone transparent washes with water and mild soap, so it is reusable. Virtually invisible! It applies on bare skin.
Perfect for face and hands - you can even get on top of makeup!

Dermatix Silicone Sheet Fabric (cloth back) is thin, self, and has a fabric back. One side is coated with silicone, which adheres to the skin by reducing scars and preventing their formation. The other side is coated with a silky fabric, making Dermatix silicone plate comfortable and practical to wear under clothing. Plate Dermatix silicone-backed fabric is washed with water and mild soap, so it is reusable and easy to maintain.
With his back in silky fabric, plaque Dermatix silicone offers maximum comfort.
It is very convenient for use under clothing, including putting pressure on the skin.

The benefits of Dermatix silicone plates:

  • Practical and easy to use
  • Transparentes or backpack silky fabric for optimal comfort
  • Indicated for children
  • Indicated for patients who are at high risk of scar formation
  • Sticky and practices
  • Thin and flexible
  • Durable and washable
  • Semi-permeable
  • 4 sizes available: 4 x 13 cm = 52 cm2, 3 x 13 cm = 169 cm2, 13 x 25 cm = 325 cm2
    20 x 30 cm = 600 cm2


Regular use of Dermatix Silicone Sheet Clear (transparent) or Dermatix Silicone Sheet Fabric (cloth back) will minimize hypertrophic scars and keloids already trained and can also prevent their formation.

Step 1: Remove the plate Dermatix silicone from its packaging. If necessary, cut it to the desired size with scissors. The Dermatix silicone plate must cover all of the scar while ensuring a sufficient overflow on the perimeter.

Step 2: Remove the protective sheet and store it to reuse later. Place the adhesive side of the plate Dermatix directly on the scar. Leave the plate in place Dermatix least 12 hours to 23 hours per day.

Step 3: Wash at least once a day, and the scar Dermatix plate with water and soap, using a mild soap. Do not use soap containing moisturizers, lotions or oils. It is advisable to use a classic soap without additional ingredient. Rinse thoroughly Dermatix silicone plate to remove all traces of soap. Leave the plate Dermatix silicone air dry or pat it with a lint-free towel to dry before you put it back on the scar. Between uses, keep the plate Dermatix its protective sheet.

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SILICONE SHEET CLOTH BACK Against scars 4x13cm

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