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  • NOZOVENT Nasal dilator anti snoring large
NOZOVENT Nasal dilator anti snoring large
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Marque: Cevidra

NOZOVENT Nasal dilator anti snoring large

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NOZOVENT Nasal dilator anti snoring large

  • Nasal dilatator anti snoring and sleep disorders
  • The nasal dilator NOZOVENT treats snoring nasal origin with great efficiency.
  • Scientific research and clinical studies have shown that many patients snore or less at all, when using NOZOVENT.
  • Recommended by your ENT - Clinically tested - Simple and effective
  • Soft and hypoallergenic NOZOVENT is made of plastic type PEBAX.

NOZOVENT anti-snoring is a small wing soft plastic that spreads slightly narrowest part of the nostril. Thus the volume of inspired air increases by 25% from the 1st use and in some cases up to 45%.

The nasal splint was recommended to ENT Audience Nice, Rhinoforum of Poitiers and the Symposium ronchopathie.

  • Terms limitation: the nasal dilator NOZOVENT can be prescribed as a solution in some cases ronchopathie because it acts on the valves of the nose. The brace is made of plastic (PEBAX) flexible and hypoallergenic. NOZOVENT available in three sizes Medium, Large and size child. The Medium size fits the vast majority of patients. Large size is recommended for very large nose.
  • Place in the therapeutic strategy: NOZOVENT can be recommended as an alternative for some subjects with nasal obstruction. Its use is recommended for improving breathing in the snorer suffering from nasal obstruction, whether permanent or positional (supine or lateral) after routine clinical examination verifying the conformation nasal (search for a deviation stops nasal polyp) and the collapse of the external valve.


Squeeze the flat sides (wings) between forefinger and thumb (see diagram on the packaging or the information leaflet for patients). First insert a wing in the nostril back to the top of the nose and then press the other wing to put your NOZOVENT anti-snoring in a good position. To verify the correct placement, gently pull the party remained outside to ensure proper maintenance of NOZOVENT. Keep out of reach of children.

Addiction: At first you may experience a form to enclose or irritation. We recommend you save the nasal dilator NOZOVENT few minutes before going to bed. The process of adjusting your body to the presence of NOZOVENT only two to three nights. Then you feel the most NOZOVENT. If your sleep is disturbed, the NOZOVENT may fall from your nose. All you need to reintegrate your awakening.

Hygiene: NOZOVENT anti snoring and sleep disorders can be cleaned with soap and water if necessary. You can boil your nasal splint 2 minutes in water (in case of a cold for example).

Longevity and product safety: The elastic properties of the nasal dilator NOZOVENT inevitably deteriorate over time. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly replace your NOZOVENT soon as it slips from your nose excessively. The normal duration is 4 to 6 weeks of use.

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NOZOVENT Nasal dilator anti snoring large

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